Complex biological protection of plants with the help of entomophages

Highly effective technologies in the agriculture with application of flying robots

40 000

hectares processes annually




protection from pests


teams of experts
up to 90%
up to 70%
up to 75%
Sugar beet
up to 85%
Fruit crops
up to 90%
Vegetable crops
up to 85%

Economic advantages:

Plant biological protection allows saving a significant part of the harvest, increase the efficiency of the agricultural technologies and, finally, letting the farmer to earn more by growing more qualitative products in huge amounts.

Strategic benefits
when working with entomophages:

  • Proper and timely introduction increases the crop yield up by 20-30%
  • The quality of the collected products is rather higher
  • As compared to the traditional agricultural chemicals, the entomophages introduction service is 1.5 cheaper
  • The topsoil structure is preserved
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Solutions for crop species

Cultivation season:Junho a agosto
Field area:From 1 hectare

Our technologies allow to perform accurate monitoring of soybean germination and vegetation index, timely and labour-free ultra-low volume spraying with formulations, determine fertiliser demand and perform field desiccation, and take comprehensive measures in order to improve and preserve the yield.

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Cultivation season:From March to June
Field area:From 1 hectare

For the maximum efficiency of corn field, we are ready to offer seeds monitoring technologies. Corn is quite demanding to the soil fertility; our specialists will develop and implement a plan for high-precision application of complex fertilisers and fungicides, and ensure maximum plant protection.

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Cultivation season:From March to June
Field area:From 1 hectare

We suggest the full range of services in order to improve the sunflower crop yield and quality: from the application of growth stimulants and fungicides in the early stages of vegetation to effective struggle against pest, disease and weed, as well as spraying and desiccation.

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  • Corn
  • Chickpea
  • Sunflower
  • Soybean
  • Cotton
  • Potato


Entomophages application is an effective way of complex biological protection of plants that allows to control and eradicate the population of more than 200 species of pests of all crops during the most important stages of vegetation.



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How does it work?


For more than three years, our specialists have been developing new technologies for the use of drones for introducing entomophages as biological protection means.


The calculation carried out by our specialists allows us to determine the dosage, application period and required entomophage with maximum precision.


Integrated introduction of entomophages is much more effective than chemical insecticides.

Watch a video

Watch a video

Biological protection of plants with the use of entomophages

Stages of working with us:

Stage 1


Research and monitoring of fields to assess the volume and scheme of processing

Stage 2


Request for entomophages introduction, agreement on the contract, terms of cooperation and payment schedule

Stage 3


Selection and provision of pheromone traps according to crop types and pests

Stage 4


Joint definition of time and standard for entomophage introduction

Stage 5


Entomophage growing and quality control testing in vitro

Stage 6


Entomophages introduction with the help of drone aircrafts according to the planned schedule

Stage 7


Assessment of entomophage application efficiency and crop conservation

Opportunities to use drones to improve agricultural business efficiency

Ультрамалообъемное опрыскивание

Ultra-low volume spraying

The use of special sprayers reduces the droplet size to 50-130 microns which ensures better penetration of solutions into the plant and prevents the formulation from dripping off.

Ultra-low volume spraying provides greater treatment efficiency and helps to reduce working fluid consumption by up to 20 times.

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Высокоточный мониторинг

Highly precise monitoring

FLY&SEE drones make it possible to create the most accurate field maps, analyse soil composition and highlight problem areas.

Multispectral and thermal imaging cameras help to monitor the condition of plants, assess contamination and overgrowth by weeds, and monitor crop germination and vegetation.

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Agricultural support

Crop production today is a high-tech industry in which incompetence and unjustified decisions even at one stage can lead to a loss or underproduction of the precious crop.

We analyse an incredible amount of scientific information, various techniques, numerous experiences and a lot of ideas, and we check and double-check different technologies and approaches. As a result, we get the best possible recommendations appropriate to the specific situation in the field.

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About us

Today, FLY&SEE has one of the most modern technology parks in Russia which allows us to carry out work in a wide range - from simple aerial photography to scanning the area, 3D maps of vast territories and thermal camera control.

Together with the country’s leading research institutes, FLY&SEE actively implements the use of drones in the development of the agricultural business.

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We use drone aircrafts since


Operations areas

Today, we work effectively in a number of Russian regions and are actively developing our geography.


  • 1. Krasnodar territory
  • 2. Rostov region
  • 3. Stavropol territory
  • 4. North Ossetia
  • 5. Kabardino-Balkaria
  • 6. Belgorod region
  • 7. Penza region
  • 8. Saratov region
  • 9. Voronezh region
  • 10. Volgograd region
  • 11. Astrakhan region
  • 12. Samara region
  • 13. Lipetsk region
  • 14. Oryol region
  • 15. Kursk region
  • 16. Ulyanovsk region
  • 17. Karachay-Cherkessia
  • 18. Bryansk region
  • 19. Republic of Tatarstan
  • 20. Tambov region
  • 21. Republic of Crimea

Our Awards

Honored for the fight against insects

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Mass media about us

Application of pilotless monitoring methods and plant protection demonstrate efficiency in all agricultural areas of the country Entomophages will protect the fields from pests

Each year, agricultural producers are becoming more and more acutely aware of global warming. This is due to the occurrence of a large number of pests in the fields, which damage agricultural crops and cause economic damage to farms.

Read full text Drone aircrafts in agriculture

COKO and Fly&See Agro launch their joint project in using UAS (unmanned air systems) in agriculture.


Useful predator and parasite insects
It is all naturally interrelated: we grow plants that are food for plant-eating insects that, in their turn, are food for entomophagous insects. Entomophages are divided into two large groups: predators and parasites.

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