About FLY&SEE team

Professionals in the effective use of unmanned aerial vehicles

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About FLY&SEE team

Professionals in the effective use of unmanned aerial vehicles.

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Today, FLY & SEE has one of the most modern technology parks in Russia.

There are pilots, agronomists and engineers among us who are capable of solving the most complex tasks of arranging a wide range of work in agriculture, construction and creating marketing materials.

We have at our disposal one of the most modern drone parks in Russia and 5 years of experience in applying the latest technologies to develop the agricultural business.

40 000
hectares processes annually
protection from pests
teams of experts

Our team

Vasiliy Ptitsyn
Vasiliy Ptitsyn
Company General Director, professional manager.

Mechanical Engineer for UAV and technology equipment for the same. Founder and idea man of the company. An external UAV pilot with 8 years of experience. Specialist in technologies for using entomophages for plant protection. Research Scientist in the field of various drone plication technologies in agriculture.

Alexey Oreshchenko
Alexey Oreshchenko

Engineer for special radio electronic systems. Profiler Expert in holding negotiations. Co-pilot of UAV external crew.

Yuri Tiuntin
Yuri Tiuntin
Head of Flights Department.

Master of Sport in Aeromodelling, 3 times Champion of Russia and 5 times winner of World Cup stages in Aeromodelling, acting teacher of the Russian Army, Air Force and Navy Volunteer Society of Krasnodar territory.

Vitali Efremov
Vitali Efremov
Head of Sales Department.

In the past, he was a military fighter pilot. He has successful experience working for foreign companies such as Pepsi, Philip Morris and Claas Agro IT. Sales experience since 1998.

Igor Kutishchev
Igor Kutishchev
Agricultural scientist.

Agrochemist, Soil Scientist with a huge practical experience. More than 15 years of work experience in agriculture in executive positions.

Andrey Smagin
Andrey Smagin
Mechanical Engineer.

Mechanical Engineer for UAV and technology equipment for the same. Co-pilot of UAV external crew

Egor Popov
Egor Popov
CCO Assistant.

Logistics, administrative activities, Account Manager.

Denis Orlov
Denis Orlov
Chief Pilot-Instructor of UAV external crew.

Retired Air Force Major. Navigator-Instructor of medium aviation bombers. 4 years’ experience in UAV piloting.

Alina Ukolova
Alina Ukolova
Account Manager

Education: Corporate Economics and Management Over 8 years in sales, Specialist in CRM systems. She oversees the execution of transactions and interaction with corporate counterparties. She is responsible for paperwork.

Alina Kniazeva
Alina Kniazeva
Practicing Entomologist.

Specialist in phytopathology, entomology, practical application of entomophages. Environmental Biologist.

Alina Ershova
Alina Ershova
Account Manager.

Alina fihished the Faculty of Management and Psychology of Kuban State University. She is a Customer Service Specialist for a large international company. Record Keeper and Logistician with 4 years of experience.

Daria Smagina
Daria Smagina
Information Systems Engineer.

Specialist in 3D modelling, programming of UAV routes, Panoramic Animator, Specialist in camera processing of aerial photo shoot results.

Victor Klimenko
Victor Klimenko
Head of Aerial Photography and Cameral Processing Department.

One of the leading surveying cartographers of Krasnodar territory. Specialist for development of geoinformation systems of various complexities. He participated in the development of projects for a number of major oil and gas pipelines: Eastern Siberia-Pacific Ocean, Baltic Pipeline System, Russia-Turkey and South Stream.

Nikita Ptitsyn
Nikita Ptitsyn
First pilot of UAV external crew.

Machine Engineer. 2 years’ experience in drones management.

How we work

Timely connection of technologies for using drones in the process of monitoring, planning and implementation of agricultural works is the key to the efficiency of your business.
Stage 1
Analysis and planning
Period: Autumn - Winter

At this stage, we conduct a survey of the cultivated area, define the boundaries of the land, plan the effective distribution of crops and identify problem areas.

Stage 2
Preparation of materials and technologies
Period: Winter - Spring

Then, we draw up a schedule of agricultural events for the coming season and proceed with joint work to calculate the volume of entomophages and means of increasing yields, as well as a preliminary order to the laboratory for the production of entomophages.

Stage 3
Beginning of agricultural work in the fields
Period: Spring

Our specialists ensure that crops and sprouts are monitored according to drawn up schedules and maps. During the same period, the process of monitoring the fields and placing pheromone traps will begin.

Stage 4
Crop area monitoring
Period: Beginning of summer

Continuous monitoring of the crops' vegetation status enables us to identify possible diseases and pests at an early stage, and our experts determine the start of mass flight.

Stage 5
Works on plant biological protection
Period: Summer

We analyse the extent of plant growth, species of pests and stage of their development. Based on this data, the company’s specialists select the type of entomophages required for protection, draw up a treatment schedule and the dosage, and perform the introduction of entomophages.

Stage 6
Improving yields and crop quality
Period: May - September

Throughout the entire vegetation period, our specialists monitor the condition of the crops, determine the need for fertilisers, perform ultra-low volume spraying and create conditions for maximum yield in the fields.

Scientific work

It is impossible to develop drone technologies in agriculture without involving agronomists.

FLY&SEE team works closely with specialists from the country's leading research institutes.

Together we develop new, highly effective biological plant protection products and methods of applying entomophages, fertilisers and agricultural formulations using unmanned aerial vehicles, analyse and make yield forecasts for specific crops based on monitoring data.

In our work, we draw on the experience of the country’s largest agricultural research centres:
  • All-Russian Research Institute of Biological Plant Protection
  • Organic Farmers Association
  • Federal State Budgetary Enterprise “Russian Agricultural Centre” for Krasnodar territory,
    Stavropol territory and Rostov region
  • All-Russia Rice Research Institute
  • Soycomplex Company

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