Services and opportunities

Application of drones to improve agricultural business efficiency

Services and opportunities

Application of drones to improve agricultural business efficiency


Today FLYSEEAGRO has one of the most modern technology parks in Russia

Application of pilotless monitoring methods and plant protection demonstrate efficiency in all agricultural areas of the country including areas of risky agriculture.

Today, we work effectively in a number of Russian regions and are actively developing our geography.

40 000
hectares processes annually
protection from pests
teams of experts
This technology can be used to process all types of agricultural crops (including rice bays, vegetables and melons, orchards and vineyards) at any stage of the vegetation process to apply growth stimulants and fertilisers, biological and chemical crop protection agents.
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Efficient application of formulations by means of drones

We have developed a unique system for applying crop protection agents and fertilisers by precisely spraying them with drones.

The drone sprayer generates droplets between 50 and 130 µm, which prevents the formulation from rolling off the leaf and increases processing efficiency twice, while reducing working fluid consumption 20 times.

Operational agricultural monitoring is the key to high agricultural efficiency.

The use of drones in agricultural business allows planning the main agricultural stages, monitoring the situation in the fields, taking measures for the conservation and protection of plants, assessing the condition of crops and forecasting crop yields.

We use multispectral and infrared imagery to obtain the most detailed and accurate information about the risks and productivity of using the fields and to make recommendations to improve yields and product quality.

Drones help to create digital maps of fields, assess soil conditions and identify problem areas, monitor plant development dynamics and vegetation index, fertiliser demand, as well as to find hotbeds of disease and pest colonies.
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With the help of drones, we will create digital maps of all lands, analyse the composition and quality of soils, and recommend how to distribute crops during sowing, control vegetation, carry out timely plant protection measures together with specialists from the All-Russian Research Institute of Plant Protection, as well as create forecasts of field yields and agricultural productivity.
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Agricultural support

The use of drones provides vast opportunities for the most complex planning and implementation tasks in most agricultural operations. Fly&See specialists together with the country’s leading specialized research institutes are ready to provide full support to agricultural enterprises.

Stages of working with us:

Stage 1


Research and monitoring of fields to assess the volume and scheme of processing

Stage 2


Request for entomophages introduction, agreement on the contract, terms of cooperation and payment schedule

Stage 3


Selection and provision of pheromone traps according to crop types and pests

Stage 4


Joint definition of time and standard for entomophage introduction

Stage 5


Entomophage growing and quality control testing in vitro

Stage 6


Entomophages introduction with the help of drone aircrafts according to the planned schedule

Stage 7


Assessment of entomophage application efficiency and crop conservation

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