Drone aircrafts in agriculture

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Successful experience of using a number of Fly&See technologies on the soybean breeding fields of SOKO led to the project of joint cooperation in the agricultural sector. The high results of the application of trichogramma technology, drone spraying, mapping and agronomic monitoring have led to cooperation between two leaders in the agricultural sector in their fields and the launch of a joint project to promote high-tech services using drones in the agricultural sector.

We recommend using pilotless systems in agriculture as it allows:

  • to create electronic field maps;
  • to carry out real-time monitoring of crop condition
  • to assess germination capacity and forecast yields;
  • to conduct environmental monitoring;
  • to perform ultra-low volume spraying.

In order to increase the loyalty of SOCO’s partners, we offer you the main services of Fly&See, the application of which will significantly allow your agronomists to get the maximum benefit from each hectare:

  • Airborne monitoring;
  • Introduction of biological plant protection products (including trichogrammae);
  • Rodent control;
  • Agricultural support, training of specialists and consulting.


The main criterion for implementing drone services is economic viability. This is evidenced by the results obtained after introduction of entomophages on soybeans, corn and orchards. Airborne mapping and monitoring will enable timely response to diseases and pests, and these data will be relevant for subsequent agricultural support and correct decisions on further treatments.  Fly&See has one of the most modern technology parks in southern Russia. Professional pilots, engineers and assemblers will assist in solving complex tasks and achieving high performance in meeting the most ambitious goals.

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